Friday, July 08, 2005

Another one of many great days

Talk about a fun filled day. We got up late this morning after a rather late night...(read into that as much as you will)...and took off for the older part of Rome. We hopped on a city tour bus that took us to every site in the city...but we are still planning on doing some other tours and things tomorrow because we both want to spend some more time around the Colloseum. Talk about some amazingly beautiful buildings and sites...its enough to make a person never want to leave...I do plan on throwing a coin in the fountain in the city because they say that you are then guaranteed a return to Rome...i hope its true. We have decided to alter our travel plans in light of the attacks yesterday. We have decided to go to Florence tomorrow and spend a day there and then to Nice...gotta see a French beach if you are here. Oh and the beautiful girls that we see walking down the street...I love the Italians...did get our first site of armpit hair on an old lady though...not good.

We actually just got done swimming here at the camp and more beautiful girls there...And after swimming we played a little foosball with a Ragae band...the stories i can tell after this trip...Never have I played foosball with a foreigner before this. He killed me...but bj is good also so we held our own. We sat down outside a restaurant today...fabulous lasagna...but the thing was that we got serenaded by a accordian player...he was good and played the song you always here when you see Italy on a movie or was great...But i suppose i have taken up enough of your time...I am guessing you all have better things to do than sit around and read some boring stories about two punks across the ocean...but you do it anyway...sorry. Thanks to everyone who keeps writing me I enjoy hearing about home too. I will try to post pictures as soon as I get to Norway but I am not making any promises. They are beautiful though and I will rub them in all your faces later.


To old rome

Well i just got up and thought i would see how worried mom was...very worried as it turns out. Thanks to everyone for posting...and i know you were all thinking about your friends abroad too. We actually went to a pub here in our campground we are staying in, last night with a couple of englishmen and its true what they said about the tragedy...that we are disconected from the events because of our travel. I think that the result would have been greater if I wasnt in some foreign country with no Fox news to watch. I have met many brits but they seem to all feel the same way...disconected. I want to mention that we actually stayed in a Hotel in Munich and sheets were clean but we only bought a single room so Bjorn was a trooper and slept on the floor...and would not believe the clubs over here...i havent been in one but they are everywhere...right next to the ritziest hotel in munich there was a dirty looking club...wierd huh. Hil i like hearing from the sistine chapel there are no pictures allowed but in the rest of the vatican it is perfectly fine...i loved the art of michaelangelo and the humongous saint peters basilica. the time is running out on my computer so i better send this...

goodbye all

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Another terrible act

Today would have been a great day...i say would have been because as you all have obviously heard there were some dispicable acts of not even terror of murder today in London. These acts show exactly what Bush said today in a shows the absolute contrast between people of our countries taking part in the conference in scotland and trying to figure out how best to help those that need it in places like Africa, contrast that with the murder of innocent men, women, and children in London and tell me who are the righteous in the world. Tell me who does what is right in the world. I have no doubt in my mind that we will see some swift movement by both the Brits and Americans to bring these murderers to justice (i almost called them perpetrators but they do not deserve the dignity of a title like that).

Bjorn and I spent the day so far in the Vatican...again i can swear that words will not describe the beauty that we saw in the Sistine Chapel. I will show everyone pics and tell you more about it later. I just wanted mom and everyone to know that we are cancelling our plans to London and taking a side trip somewhere else instead.

Goodbye all

While in Rome

Hey everyone

If anyone is wondering who this Andy guy is, he is a great American who one day plans to be president...with me as vice...then i will continue his work and become president after his eight years. Bj and i met him in Berlin and we managed to hang out a few nights and talk some politics...if that surprises anyone.

Andy...good work on the research and I think the military service will come in handy while running for long as you do not make up stories and earn a purple heart for doing nothing. That could cost ya...haha.

anyway i suppose i better go...the cost of internet is very exorbatant...(my word of the day). But Rome is beautiful...i cant use any superlatives to describe the land around here. beautiful and i have yet to see the vatican. Until next time...bye bye


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Long day and a long much needed rest

We arrived in munich after an extremely long train ride. we wondered around looking for a place to stay and found a tiny little pile of a hotel for cheap so there we stayed. Hey it was cheap. Anyway we both slept until late this morning...thank goodness. We awoke to the cleaning lady wanting us to check out. Second time thats happened. Anyway we checked out and headed to go tour Dachau...a concentration camp. That is a place that you don't want to visit twice but something that everyone needs to see. Its amazing the kind of things they had to endure in a place like that. Anyway we are on our way to Rome tonight on a night train and will hopefully will awake tomorrow ready to find our way around the town. this is the most exciting part of traveling...the new town...and not only that but its bloody ROME. I can't wait...i would skip over all of the rest of the trip just to see it i think. Anyway its time to leave when bjorn starts correcting my grammer...the nerve. So i will hopefully be reporting back that we made a successful journey and are enjoying the mediteranean and the sites in rome. Until then goodbye


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

lazy days

I realize that lately my posts may have been more than a little rushed and not all that interesting. Well i want to try to fix that. The fourth of july was a blast and we spent it with the soldiers and a couple other acquaintances that we have met. Of course we spent the whole night at an Irish pub ironically called Irish Pub. It was fun and there were some terrible karoke singers there. Today we are boarding a train to Munich...yay another train. We will only stay one night in Munich because time is running short already. We do plan on seeing dachau and hopefully a castle too. I hope that everyone had a fantastic fourth of july and please don't hesitate to tell stories. I would still like to here comments from you all...maybe with the exception of corey and jon. You two are great...i hope that you enjoyed home and there were no injuries out on the water. Well i'm off to catch a train...I love europe everything sounds so exotic and fantastic...the best part is that when i do go home i can read on the news about germany and then say...well back when i was in Berlin... It will be great.
With that i bid you all a farewell till next time.


Monday, July 04, 2005

amazing day

well we just got done with our last tour of town. we ate at the top of the famous tv tower and it was fantastic. An amazing view of the city. Berlin is an amazing place with such unbelievable history. We went to the history museum and took a bunch of pictures of town. very very cool. the soldiers want to get together tonight at our favorite bar i think and celebrate the fourth. I'm pretty excited, i would like to be at a lake too, but i think that i'll enjoy myself here. i hope that everyone is having fun, and dad you would call my young amazingly built uncles fat...haha. well i think i'm off thanks Laur and the uncles and all my buddies for writing to me, its a lot of fun to know that you are all jealous. Dad i was going to buy you a furry hat from checkpoint charlie but decided i didn't have room, a beerstein i looked at as well. um anyway i better go argue some politics because i'm sick of listening to the crazy talk.

bye everyone

fourth of july baby

alright everyone,

Today is the fourth of july and the plan is to go see some museums but most definately go to the most popular American sight, checkpoint charlie. The wierd thing is that they are planning on building a large office structure over the spot where all the crosses are. I'm not sure if there is anything that we can do about that but if you could at least show that we really enjoyed everything about checkpoint charlie then maybe we could change them wrecking the whole thing. Last nightwe ran into a bunch of American soldiers back from Iraq and stationed here in germany, talk about a great bunch of people. And all you liberals can read this and be mad but those soldiers know how to appreciate life, and their country and they love their president. So don't tell me about guantanamo or anything else because if it takes some torture to save even one person like the soldiers i just met then i say go for it.

Other than that we are moving to another new hostel closer to the museums here in Berlin. I'm pretty excited to go see all of the sites before we leave to i better get going. I hope everyone is having a great fourth and keep in mind that we live in a country like no other. Have fun.