Wednesday, September 07, 2005


This one goes out to the thus far unnamed nodakfarmboy that wasn't polite enough to even give his name. Anyway, I give you yet another post to explain myself...however your information was very informative. Please excuse me if I chose not to trust the post from CBS...I'm sure you understand why. I was unnaware of the call for federal aid as of August 28th and apparently so was the New York Times and Washington Post. As I said before, I got my information from the American Thinker who were citing a New York Times article which told of the unsigned papers...perhaps you should inform the New York Times. Also, in a Washington Post article that you can find at ( makes another claim of the power struggle in which President Bush and the federal government had to "wrest authority" from the Governor Blanco. Oh and you are saying that the Governor requested it on Sunday, I was asking why didn't she request it before then. Granted the New York Times was unsurprisingly wrong, but according to the Post article the Bush administration had sent her a legal memorandum on Friday, why didn't she accept it then. Also, why didn't she accept offers of mutual-aid from other states until Wednesday, again according to the same Post article.

I would also like to point out that I am in no way saying that this tragedy was handled well. It could and should have been managed better by all levels of government, but I also believe that many people are blaming Bush for reasons that are, if not false, somewhat twisted. There have been many mistakes made along the way, and not the least of which were the mistakes made by the local governments. I wish, irregardless of party affiliation, that this disaster was handled better by all levels of government. People's lives could have been saved.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

in addition

For any that are continuing to not listen or not care to learn the facts that I have presented there is another article I encourage you to read before becoming to angry with me. (thank you Andrew for that)

This article outlines a few mistakes that many have made when talking about the tragedy. One of the best examples that I could find and that I have yet to talk about was found in Reality six. The fact that as of Monday, Governor Blanco had not yet signed papers giving the federal government administrative control over the relief effort. It is amazing that people are blaming Bush and his administration for not acting until Tuesday, when legally they could not act until Governor Blanco, a democrat, relinquished control. If the Clinton administration is indicative of the liberal care for the laws of this country, then they will obviously overlook this small but very important piece of information.

Who's at fault?

I don't know whyI attract liberal wackos maybe earlier I got the smell of one on me and the others come to investigate, but no matter the reason I seem to continually get complaints about how poorly our government has been acting. Now don't get me wrong...I believe that the tragedy that has happened in the Gulf region could and should have been handled better, but before anybody gets really excited about me ratting on the Bush administration let me explain myself. Rather than the after-affects of the tragedy I would like to begin with the cause of much of this pain and suffering. No, I am not suggesting that we should have found a way to prevent Katrina from making landfall, but rather I am suggesting that New Orleans and Louisianna should have listened to experts that have been telling them for years that the levy system in place was not adequate. This is not and never should have been a case for the Bush administration, so all you liberals who are blaming Bush for not paying attention to the country, but rather spending money willy-nilly overseas better hold your tongues. No, it is on the heads of the liberal governments of New Orleans for the last few decades, as Thomas Lifson says in his article ( An excellent article and a good lesson on the entrepreneurial spirit that successful conservative Americans have.

Now, I also realize that after Kanye West's comments many liberals maybe pointing the ever dingy finger of race as a major cause for ensuing tragedy after the natural disaster. Afterall, we see the majority of people left in New Orleans as black, it must be because the US government got as many white people out as possible and left everyone else. Hardly. If people would look a little closer at the racial makeup of pre-Katrina New Orleans, one may actually realize that New Orleans was something like 65% black. Can you believe, then, that the majority of those remaining in New Orleans would be black? The majority of those looting and causing trouble would be black? It is not because the government saved the white people, it is not because the blacks are terrible people, but rather because the majority of people are black, so the majority of everything left would most logically be about 65% black...seems rather simple now doesn't it. I need not then point out that the city government of New Orleans and namely the mayor were black democrats for as long as I can see. So, it logically goes that those governments who ignored the warnings of experts that said a major storm or a not-all-that-uncommon large flood of the Mississippi River could cause a tragedy like this if the levies were not reinforced, were liberal Democrats. It was these Liberal governments that missed the message of importance in saving lives in the weather reports and failed to get people to safety. Their failure to adequately adress the seriousness of the situation and have a good evacuation contingency plan has been the cause of much of this tragedy.

So, if the liberal press, and the wackos that I attract, want to begin to point fingers, I stand by the schoolyard saying, "If you point a finger at me, there are three more pointing back at yourself." A little childish perhaps, but sometimes we conservatives must use these phrases to get our points across.