Monday, April 09, 2007

The Creation of Destruction

The greatest lie the devil ever told was convincing the world he doesn't exist.

The greatest mistake western society has made was to assume that society is progressing in a straight line toward Utopia. If this was true, mankind would not be in the state of perpetual self destruction. Never has mankind looked into the past and learned from its mistakes.

Over the millennia mankind has gone from fighting with bare hands for food, to using a rock, to a spear, to a sword, to a gun, and finally man's greatest creation of destruction thermonuclear bombs.

Along the same lines mankind started fighting for food, for our personal survival, to fighting for hunting territory, for dominance, for kings, for countries, for churches, and finally over our ideals.

With almost no overt hostile actions the United States has made a whole world of enemies, how would that be possible except that we are now fighting not only over ideals but possibly everything that mankind has ever fought over. The Middle-East disagrees with our ideals, our religion, our government, our power, our insistence on Israel's existence...Everything. And both sides are using everything possible to kill the other side...Everything ever invented. Is that progress?

Are you scared yet? You should be.

Does mankind really progress? Do we evolve? Or are we simply a CD running on repeat bound to play the same song for all time? Is it really progress that we have developed more and more ways to kill ourselves and do so over more and more reasons?

There is hope, however.

There are a few examples of leaps forward mankind has made. A few extraordinary individuals who have changed the world without fighting, without killing.

Mahatma Gandhi was able to change his corner of the world through civil disobedience, but with a strict code of nonviolence. In the process, he was able to change people's belief that a revolution must be won with violence.

Martin Luther King was able to perhaps change most of the world through his actions and nonviolent movement for equal treatment of all races by all races. He had a dream that mankind must still strive to achieve.

Jesus Christ was a world changer. Despite any religious views an individual may have, Jesus has influenced the world for millennia. His teachings may have been misconstrued during the crusades to create a religion of destruction, but he taught with peace and without violence. Even when being taken to his death he forced a Disciple to drop the sword and accept Jesus' capture. It is this philosophy of peace that helped him change the world.

So, despite the fact that mankind may look to be in a perpetual loop of destruction, the actions of individuals can have a great a great impact upon our future.

The greatest chance we have for a future is for the actions of individuals now.