Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hey we're travelin

well we finally hit the road out of scandinavia and are in duetscher territory. I'm excited about the tours we plan on taking tomorrow. We want to see the whole city of berlin, but its huge. There are so many things that you must see when here that we will have a full couple of days. The train ride was uneventful, and it turned out i booked the hostel wrong but we were lucky and got a room anyway. Right now I am typing on the weirdest set up keyboard so its taking forever.

Tay i wanted to say thanks for the reply and i hope bball camp and bible camp went well. Have fun campin with everyone. I better get going, but thanks to everyone who said hi, its nice to here from you all too...even the canadian...kiddin joe. I suppose i better go find something to do, don't want to be stuck inside on a beautiful day in Germany.

Goodbye all



Well its about ten in the morning and I have over an hour to head to the train station for Berlin and I thought I would tell everyone about the night on the town. On our way into Kobenhavn we met a bunch of Englishmen who were loud and obnoxious, just my sort. We had talked for a while and they told us some good places to see in the town. We went out to eat early in the night and found the prices here more to our liking. We met a couple of guys from Holland at our hostel and we were off to have a night on the town. We asked the bus driver to stop and tell us where the fun nightspots were and he was happy to do so. We walked down a small street with our friends and found a rather large Irish pub (bar for you back home) and went in and listened to the band. Then the surprise of the night happened, as we made our way back to the bar there were about 8 loud obnoxious Englishmen. Unbelievably we had met these same guys on the train. We decided to follow the businessmen around for the night because we figured they may offer to buy a drink. They did one better however and they bought our way into a popular dance club where they played a lot of older American music. It wasn't hard for Bjorn and I to make our way to the dance floor and have a whole lot of fun. To end the night the Englishmen left for their hotel and I climbed in a cab for the hostel. All in all, it was a great day. However, i'm not sure that i can have great days like that to often though, i will most definately be sleeping on the train. Well until the next stop i guess you'll hear back.


Thursday, June 30, 2005

Today, first good day

hi all,

First of all, I would seriously like to thank all of my "friends" who are posting some comments. Yeah I have one, thanks Hil, to the rest of you...I don't write this for my own good. I write this because I guess I wrongly assumed you would enjoy hearing some of my stories...yeah here comes the guilt trip. Get off you butts and make a profile and write some responses. Please, I need the encouragement to go on.

Ok, enough of that. Now, today was a great day. I finally got over my jet lag and slept in a little bit. It was excellent. Bjorn and I grabbed our backpacks and headed into Oslo to grab his railpass at the fedex. We then returned to the center of Oslo to find out if there were any trains headed to any other country. We were actually looking for the train to Kopenhaven (Copenhagen for all you non-euro speakers) We found out that we couldn't leave until 7:00 on Friday, which was fine with us because we toured the viking museum here in Oslo, and journeyed around the town seeing sites. Bjorn's emergency repair on the geek piece will hopefully hold up until we return to the states (boy i love the way that sounds comin outta me "when i get home to the states"). We heard of a humongous rock festival near Kopenhaven and were excited to find out that the foo fighters, greenday, and audioslave all were there. It turns out though that you couldn't buy a one day pass and we didn't want to buy a week pass for one night. So we decided to skip the festival and see what the town has to offer. We had quite a bit of trouble finding a place to stay because of this massive party, but finally found a hostel on the cheap.

Well, I think I may have blathered on plenty long, but just to describe those pictures from yesterday, the one with the boardwalk near the water is Moss, where my college is, and the other one was taken on a good lookout point above Oslo.

I want to thank Dad for the sarcastic e-mail, but I'm sure if you really want a hat like that the Kremlin will send me home with one after my trial. And Darren you know that I have never spoken a true word in my life so...

hope everyone's summer is going great, i'd like to hear about them but nobody posts back, JUST DO IT.

signed a long ways from home

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Some pics

The newest development

hi all

I am happy to say that Bjorn and I have finally begun traveling. We made it to Oslo today without incident and met up with a relative of his. She was busy with work so she pointed us down the street with the most sites to see while she finished some work that needed to be completed. We journeyed to the top of the ski jump near Oslo which offered an amazing view of the city and fjord on which it sits. Oslo is an amazing city, and one of my friends was quick to point out that it is the 10th most expensive city in the world, so we dont plan on spending too much time shopping in the city, sorry girls. Both Bjorn and i hope to get into the city pretty early again tomorrow and view many of the museums that are scattered all over. As the day wound down today, we decided to have some Norwegian ice cream boats. They were just a boat cone filled with ice cream and some strawberry in the middle. They were tasty but quite hard. This is where the next little snag happened. As Bjorn took his second bite of ice cream he managed to rip apart some nerd gear in his mouth, and by nerd gear i mean he had a permanent retainer cemented into his mouth in high school some time. As I sit and write this very message on his cousins computer, Bjorn is on his way to get some emergency work done on the retainer. Not being a surgery and pain lover, I decided to stay away from the dental office and read. I would maybe think about sleeping, but the sky wont get dark here for several many more hours even though it is already getting close to eight. I will let you all know how both Bjorn and his retainer are as soon as possible, until then adios.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Waiting Patiently

well here i am again
The surprising thing is that i haven't exactly moved since my last entry. I'm still here in Moss, Norway with Bjorn waiting for his rail pass to be sent over from his desk in his room in Wisconsin. We are meeting a few students from the ACN that were taking classes last semester and are planning on attending UND in the fall and spring semesters. It is interesting to talk with them, but other than the few kids that we have met we are both pretty bored. There are not too many things to do here in Moss especially considering that we will be taking tours when we return here for school so we don't want necessarily to take the same tour twice. We will hopefully begin our next leg of the trip in a couple days an be on our way to some fantastic memories. I'll try updating again sometime when we have actually achieved some travel around Europe.


Monday, June 27, 2005

A Rocky Start

Well hello again everyone from the two travelers, Bjorn and Blake.

The journey began well enough, I made it to Grand Forks without a hitch. That is where things began to go wrong. I woke up in the morning expecting to buy the few items that i had yet to purchase before i boarded the plane, but it was sunday morning and apparently nothing opens until noon. So, i said forget about that stuff and finally arived at the airport with plenty of time to spare becuase it turns out that there was a thunderstorm moving through and my flight had been delayed. At this point i realized that I would miss my flight out of Minneapolis if we didn't make up any time in the air. Well we actually lost more time in the air because we had to fly south to fargo to get around the storm. Bjorn was more that a little worried as he boarded the plane in Minnesota. He climbed off his plane in Amsterdam and quickly boarded his flight to Oslo, where he waited for me for several hours. Finally, he gave up on me and left for the college in Moss. Meanwhile i was in Minneapolis until 9:00 on sunday night. So my flights were around 6 hours behind Bjorn. When i finally did arrive in Oslo after traveling all that way, missing my flight, waiting forever for my rescheduled flight, sitting next to a rather large lady on the plane, it was nice to hear my name called on the loudspeaker to know that someone was in fact looking for me. Bjorn had talked with the service desk and the nice guy had written down my name and the address and phone number of the school in moss. He was a big help as he put me on the right track to finally meeting up with Bjorn at the college which was lucky in itself because he just happened to be walking across the street when i arrived.

Well, that was the first day of our travels, what else could go wrong, right? Bjorn actually left his Europass at home so now we must try to figure out how to solve that dilemma before we leave for Copenhagen. Wish us luck, but right now I want to tell my mom and Paige both to quit their worrying about me, cuz cuz i know you are. We're off to the train station to figure out what to do next. I'll try to check back as soon as i can, and Hilary, lets not get carried away with this cool business.

blake and bjorn