Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Democrats using political blame for political gain

I was just reading an article by the Washington Post that appears, at first, to be ripping on President Bush. It begins by giving stats on his falling approval ratings and the governments poor performance in the crisis of hurricane Katrina. But as I continued reading towards the end of the article I found something rather interesting.

It appears that the majority of the country has sided with me in deciding that the local governments were more to blame for the outcome in the tragedy. Yes, to all those anonymous naysayers out there, I have a strong 57 percent of Americans on my side. Then I found out that I was also not the only one that believes that many Democrats were blaming President Bush strictly for political gains. Amazingly, six in ten Americans believe this, a third of Democrats "were genuinely suspicious of their leaders' motives", eight in ten republicans, and six in ten independents. Unsurprisingly, the Democratic leaders are deluded in their thinking that they can dupe the American people so easily.

For anyone who wants to read the whole article, it is online at