Friday, August 25, 2006


These people are amazing. I never would have guessed the things that they wrote were actually wrong can I be (note the serious sarcasm). I have been sitting here considering so many of thier "ideas" and "opinions". And as a (prepare for the shock) Catholic Christian I am somewhat amazed at the conclusions they have drawn. Then I got to thinking..."God hates gays, the catholics, etc, etc." I have heard this all before...but where. Then it hits me...they sound exactly like Islamic fanatics. Are they sure they are on the correct side of the ocean here? Perhaps they should be fighting with America in the middle east attempting to become the "Sword of God" rather than cowering here while those soldiers' whose funerals they are disgracing with their very presence have died to give them the right to say this utter crap. Oh and don't get me wrong...I do not compare you to the majority of muslims who I can actually respect, honor and trust, but rather I compare you to Osama who hides in a hole in the ground and sends young men to do his battling. Sounds somewhat familiar. Preaching, bigotist, sexist, racist, crap...these people and Osama would most definately be fast friends.

So to the WBC, go join their jihad to rid the world of people like me...those who would accept and yes embrace differences, and finally we, the truly patriotic Americans, can be rid of you.