Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Preparation for whats to come

Well, hello to everyone who found this site easily. I'm just testing this thing out to make sure I know exactly what I am doing so it won't be too difficult to figure when I am out and about. I leave for Moss, Norway on June 26th. Hopefully I can get there without anything too exciting happening. I am beginning to get more than a little nervous about the trip and incredibly excited. I will be going over with a good friend of mine from Wisconsin that I met in college, Bjorn Anderson. With a name like that you know he'll fit in pretty well. The plan is to fly into Oslo, hop a bus to our school in Moss and drop off the books and anything that we feel is unnecessary for the next few weeks because we plan on then hopping a ferry to Denmark and a train to wherever and see everything that we possibly can fit in while touring for around 20 days. Anyone who knows me knows that I have never had a chance to travel like this so I can't imagine how much fun it will be. Well, that is all the information I have right now i guess, anybody have any questions or just want to keep in touch just e-mail me or reply here on this blog, that would be great. I return to Grand Forks on August 20 and that's like 3 days before classes start here so I will be rushing around. I will be sure to try to keep in touch with anybody who writes me, and i will hopefully be updating this website occasionally with pictures and stories, none of them fabricated Darren.