Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Westboro Baptist Church Calls Out North Dakota

I am mad. I am angry over an article that I read last night. Furious in fact. There is a church, and to use the term “church” is to use it very freely, that has issued a press release from their…oh lets call it….their lair in Kansas which is praising the heavens for the imminent flood that myself and much of North Dakota is currently facing. The “church” is the Westboro Baptist Church.

Now, of course this should be a classic case of letting the little children thrash and have their tantrum, but I have no intention of letting them do that without a little swat on the rear to let them know not to do it again.

The source of their little temper tantrum stems from the fact that North Dakota passed a law which prevents protesters from getting within 300 feet of a funeral. That’s right, they are going around to FUNERALS all over the country protesting with filthy signs and images that won’t even be uttered here. AND they have the audacity, the arrogance to presume that the reason for the current flood in North Dakota was because of them. If we only let them protest at our American Soldier’s funerals, then we would not be flooding. Apparently, they missed the lesson on Pride being one of the Seven, and the fact that rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. Precipitation and meteorology are foreign to the WBC.

Now to the Westboro Baptist "Church", I’m sure I speak for much of North Dakota when I say this….bring it on. If we will ever be punished for protecting grieving families from you spewing your filth then you have said one thing that is absolutely correct WBC…we do not worship your god. A “god” that seeks revenge solely to punish those protecting others is definitely no god of mine. We SHALL turn back this flood that, according to you, your “god” has sent BECAUSE of you, and we SHALL do it with sandbags, volunteers, and a triumph of the human spirit. Even if it flows over the banks, it SHALL not break our spirit. Homes will be rebuilt and life will go on for us, and the law will remain in the books to keep your wicked tongue behind your teeth.