Saturday, December 31, 2005

A lazy couple of months

I want to first appologize to anyone who had been eagerly awaiting my next post for the last few months. I guess I just got lazy after I stopped getting any angry mail from people who didn't agree with what I have been saying. I want to point out to anyone out there who doesn't know me, that I never mean to insult anyone directly and that these are simply my opinions on any topic I feel like writing on. I like to add some jest into my comentary sure, but I never intentionally insult anyone. Like a few of you commentors have done to me. But I do enjoy the feedback so the more that I get I guess the more I enjoy writing.

I am not quite sure if Andrew (from Berlin) is still out there checking my blog ever, but i just want to wish him all the best and a Merry Christmas to all those soldiers that are bravely fighting a war that is....well....the subject of much debate. I want to thank you and to wish you all a Merry Christmas again, and if you don't celebrate, then at least pretend to so that you can maybe get break on that day...haha. But happy holidays to all.