Saturday, August 13, 2005

Can of corn

Well, I realize that there are some of you that didn't know what to do with yourselves since I haven't posted anything recently. I was always planning on throwing up some pictures, but these computers here in the school are just workstations connected to one server, so there is basically to place to plug in. Anyway I will give my report on the week now.

The last week of school began somewhat uncerimoniously, but it ended in a bang. Classes were pretty boring because we were coming to the end, and we were all rushing to finish our final papers...all rushing except me of course...I was putting it off until the last possible minute. Finished the work finally the day before and got to relax since wednesday. By relax I mean spend the nights out on the town with everyone all of the students because many of them we may never see again. The peace seminar begain on thursday and there are many students from across the globe all hanging out in Moss. It is all pretty boring stuff however. We have heard time and time again about the relationship between Sweeden and Norway between 1814 and 1905. I was hoping when I came to Norway that we would be learning more about the entire history of Norway, it is quite sad. The peace conference ends on Sunday officially, and Bjorn and I are then planning on spending some time with the relatives before we begin the long journey home. I am actually quite ready to return to the states and watch some baseball and football, drive my own car, eat at wendy's, not have to walk up a bloody hill every day for 45 minutes to get home. Yes I do now appreciate the Red River Valley and our complete lack of hills.

Well, I suppose that I have bored you all for long enough, the next time I post I may very well indeed be home so thanks to everyone for reading and replying to me. See you all when i get back