Friday, August 19, 2005

Coming home

I got some great news tonight which is, I get to come home over an hour early. So anybody that I didnt send emails to, give me a call about 1030 or so and then you can get ahold of me. It will be very fun to see all of you guys over at the apartment tomorrow night so dont hesitate to call me or darren or nick. I am not exactly sure which apartment is maybe call darren. Yeah it will be a fun night.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Well, it turns out that Bjorn's relatives had an open network cord that I found and quickly used it to upload a bunch of pictures from my travels. I hope you all enjoy them...and no more complaining about not getting to see any pictures please.



Blake it turns out does a rather nice angry boy impression in front of the statue.

Yeah so this one time Bjorn and I decided to go parasailing on the Meditarranean Sea in the South of France.

Me at the Arch of Constantine right outside the Colosseum. Thought you'd like to see a picture or two of me.

Bjorn and I just hangin out in the Colloseum amazing, huh.

The greatest of ancient Rome.

St. Peter's Basillica is the single most amazing building that I have ever seen.

A memorial to World War II. This church tower was left in remembrance.

Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin with fireworks

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Finishing Up

Is it not amazing to think that I am in Norway still. After all, I have been gone for almost two months. However, the end of the trip is coming soon and the sun will soon set on our travels. I'm not sure what to expect when I get back to the states, but I most definately think that I may be able to tell plenty of stories and show plenty of pictures. Trust me, nobody will have to ask twice to hear something about my journey. I cannot believe that in only three days I will be heading into the blue skies and on my way home. Today Bjorn, Gry (Bjorn's Norwegian friend), and I all went to the Norwegian amusement park named Tusenfryde. It was a lot like the Valley Fair, and I am now sitting, relaxing, and enjoying a fine cup of Norwegian coffee. After all the rollercoasters, power towers, and many other rides I decided to leave Bjorn with his friend and go home and catch a small nap.

I was amazed to hear from Grandma Gloria on my last post, must have been given quite a lot of help from my baby sister, right. Very good to hear from you Gramma and feel free to keep in contact anytime you want. Everyone else, I will be back in the states officially at about 6 o'clock pm on Saturday, August 20th. I will be arriving in Grand Forks much later, however, as I have quite a long layover in Minneapolis. I arrive in Grand Forks at 11:30pm , so Corey be ready, and wash that car too while you are at it...haha. I am sure I will e-mail you to make sure that you will be around that weekend, since we had so much trouble when I left. To everyone else, thank you for sending me e-mails and posting on my blog, it was great to get news from home while abroad. It made me realize how lucky I really was to be traveling while all of you were working...haha. But really, if you were curious about my travels, I was just as curious about what you all were up to at home. I hope everyone's summer went very well, and I am afraid to say that it is quickly coming to a close. Can't wait to see all of you guys in college or around hopefully when I do go home on Labor Day. Everyone give me a call if you would like anytime after that 11:30 arrival in Grand Forks. Thanks again for taking the time to listen to my blabbering and bragging. I appreciate all of you taking the time.